5 Top Tips To Help You Kick Start 2015

January 19, 2015 - 4 minutes read

New Year – Same Old Resolutions?


How many times do we set ourselves New Years resolutions only to realise that they are very similar to ones we have set ourselves in the past? Let me guess … stop smoking, get a new job, do more exercise?! Sound familiar? Then after a few weeks or months we beat ourselves up for not sticking to them?! No wonder New Year can leave us feeling a bit flat!

So how can we make this year different, and make it our BEST YEAR YET? Here are some tried and tested tips from Certanovo …


Turn resolutions into EXCITING forward focused goals


‘If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.’ ~ Lewis Carroll


Often resolutions focus on the negative – what behavior we are trying to move away from – and as a result we do not feel very motivated or excited at the thought of achievement.

So instead, turn them into exciting, positive and forward focused goals. To do this focus on the outcome (benefit) rather than the input, and make them SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.


Make sure that your goals are challenging enough


‘Go for the moon. If you don’t get it, you’ll still be heading for a star.’ ~ Willis Reed


Ninety eight percent of people operate within their comfort zone. When we ‘play it safe’ we are in danger of our resolutions being just a tick-box exercise. We then become bored and give up on them, left feeling unfulfilled.

Instead, challenge yourself – think about your dreams, your passions. What excites you? If you had no fears or constraints what would you do with your life? Think BIG! Embrace the unknown!


Make your goals visible


‘If you tell the universe what you want it will have a way of finding you.’~ Unknown


It’s no good having you goals tucked away in a drawer somewhere, they will just gather dust and be forgotten about. Writing down your goals increases your chances of achieving them by 48%! Write them down and pin them somewhere visible; your fridge door, mirror, the inside of your wardrobe, so that you can remind yourself daily.


Manage your gremlins


‘We are what we believe we are’ ~ C.S Lewis


We all have negative self-beliefs, thoughts, and fears. If we focus on these they will stop us in our tracks and prevent us from achieving what we want to in life.

To manage these unhelpful gremlins first write them out and then re-write as a positive statement. If you read these re-framed beliefs out loud to yourself daily, eventually your mind will start to believe them!


Seek support


‘It’s not just about the destination but about enjoying the journey to get there and who you share it with’. ~ M.Haycocks


Sharing you goals with someone, whether it’s a friend, mentor or coach, who can help motivate, support and keep you focused and on track will not only increase your chances of success to 78%, but also make the journey so much more fun!

Happy 2015! Let it be your best year yet!

Love from

Marie x