6 Good Reasons To Follow Your Passion

February 8, 2015 - 3 minutes read

If we are feeling unhappy at work, then it is often due to one of three things; we are not playing to our strengths, it does not align to our values or it’s because we are not passionate about what we do.

People are always saying to me that I am very passionate about my work, and some people even admit to being jealous of me! However, I believe that anyone can find their passion if they allow themselves some time, space and self-reflection.

Here are 6 reasons to find and follow your passion:

1. You will have more motivation to reach your goals

On the mornings that you feel like having an extra lie in, it is much easier to jump out of bed when you are doing something that aligns to your passion. You will also feel more focused and motivated to achieve your goals.


2. It won’t feel like work

If you do something that you love it won’t feel like work.  You will have more energy to put in the extra hours and work late, but you will never complain about it because you love what you do!


3. You will be happier

When you are passionate about something it gives you a warm glowing feeling inside and puts a smile on your face. In other words, it makes you feel happy! Happiness is addictive and other people enjoy being around happy people.


4. You will have improved wellbeing

Doing something that you enjoy reduces your stress levels which in turn, lowers your heart rate, improving your mental and physical wellbeing. So not only will you be enjoying life more, but you will be living life for longer too!


5. You will be more creative

When you are passionate about your subject matter then you will feel more relaxed, the blood will flow more easily through your brain and you are likely to have more and better ideas. Problems will be easier to solve and you will come up with more creative ideas to solve them.


6. You are more likely to be successful

When you are passionate about what you do, and feeling all of the benefits above, then you are more likely to achieve success, giving you even more fulfillment and pleasure.

If you are interested in finding out what your true passion is and would like to identify whether you could make a career out of it then Certanovo can help! Please contact us via certanovo.com for more information.

Love from

Marie x