Bird Table Coaching Groups

April 26, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Female Micro Business Owners (businesses include: Consultants, Designers, Solicitors, HR Specialists, Marketing Consultants, Virtual Assistants, Coaches, Pilates instructors, Photographers).

Key challenges

The Bird Table is a monthly group for local women running small and medium sized businesses aimed at helping them develop themselves and in turn grow their business. Marie continues to run a number of groups in Kenilworth, and has done since September 2015 helping over 25 women to grow themselves and help grow their business within an environment of trust and confidentiality by challenging and supporting members to think better, set tighter goals and grow their business.

Our Solution

A series of 3 x 2hr coaching groups for up to 6 micro business owners, supported by a secret Facebook group and The Bird Table Alumni Facebook Group.

Members benefit from the power of thinking in a small confidential group, which is supportive and safe, allowing them to pause, reflect and share experience, knowledge and connections to help each other succeed.

They share their challenges and goals and discuss and generate new ideas to move their business forward, and hold each other accountable, taking time out to think and plan with structure and direction.


To date over 25 women have attended the Kenilworth Bird Table Groups since September 2015, and over 50% of these ladies have attended two of more term due to the benefits to themselves and their businesses. One lady gained the confidence to design and laugh a new product range following her spotlight session. Other outcomes include improved focus and motivation, clearer business goals, enhanced confidence and clearer decision making about aspects of their business.

“The Bird Table really helps me to steer my boat in the right direction. It has become an important part of my personal development as an entrepreneur and would recommend it to any woman in business.”

“I find the group meetings with ‪Marie and the other ladies very inspirational. I love The Bird Table concept and have truly benefited from it as to have my businesses.”