Change Associates/ Swinton Insurance

April 26, 2017 - 1 minute read
Key challenges

As an Associate for Change Associates, Marie delivered a variety of initiatives for a variety of clients including Swinton Insurance who needed support in developing and marking a change management assessment approach as part of a re-structure.

Our Solution

• Analysis of the customer need for assessment of senior project management capability during a restructure

• Development of an assessment approach using a change management case study

• Marking of the assessments and interactive feedback to inform decision making


• Assessment centres to identify required leadership capability for new change management structure

• Appointment of senior project managers with the right skills for the roles

• Improved change delivery capability

“We would describe Marie’s character and delivery style as very professional, customer focused, proactive and self-motivated.  Marie always delivers to the highest of standards, to time, quality and with positive customer feedback.

I have no hesitation is recommending her to you unreservedly.”

Sue Goodman, Director, Change Associates Limited