If you believe that your people are at the heart of the business, and want them to be at their best in order to drive your business forward, contact Marie.


Certanovo works with your business to achieve the results that you need through our bespoke coaching and development programmes.

We can work with groups or on a one-to-one basis, and sessions can be via a range of media.

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Bespoke programmes, facilitation and workshops are also available on request to suit your requirements and budget.


In addition, Marie is an Associate Executive Coach for Equal Talent.



One-to-one coaching at all levels:

• Executive and Leadership Coaching
• New Manager Acceleration
• Career Coaching
• Personal Branding & Impact Coaching
• Clarity 4D Personality Profiling

Group Leadership Programmes:

• Leadership Development Programme
• Confident & Impactful Leadership Programme
• Aspiring Leaders Programme

Developmental and team building workshops including:

• Coaching Skills for Managers
• Know Yourself
• Know Your Team
• Vision and Values
• Developing Your Brand Image
• Impactful Communication

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The Certanovo Leadership Model puts YOU at the core of great leadership!

We use our Leadership Model framework to help our clients increase their self-awareness and understand what is getting in the way of them achieving their full potential, within the context of the company’s goals and competency frameworks.

Executive coaching...

...is a collaborative methodology, based on a confidential relationship between coach and client. Using techniques transferable across sectors, roles and circumstances, we develop and adapt programmes to suit the specific requirements of each business. Our approach focuses on the person within an organisational context.

We work with our clients...

To fully explore their needs, motivations and ambitions, understand and explore their current situation and the options available to them, uncover what is holding them back and identify the path to move forward, take action and achieve their goals.

By developing self-awareness...

...and understanding of others, employees learn to appreciate their own and others' strengths as well as to explore options and develop solutions, enabling them to reach their own potential as individuals and as part of a team.



While different for each individual, the benefits of coaching are far-reaching and can be appreciated at all levels, ranging from improved company performance to smoother running departments, to happier - and healthier - staff.

• Enhanced performance
• Increased employee engagement
• Clearer vision and direction
• Increased confidence and impact
• Improved productivity
• Improved communications
• Increased resilience
• Reduced anxiety and stress
• Clearer thinking
• Greater problem-solving capability
• Greater focus & motivation
• Increased self-awareness
• Clearer career goals

  If you believe in your workforce and want to maximise their potential in order to grow your business, contact Marie.

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